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Twice healed: It was one in a million when he got breast cancer... (Los Angeles Times)

Metropolis: The godfather (Los Angeles Times)

A pool that's above but not beyond (Los Angeles Times)

Budke makes a jump from champion to hacker and back (Los Angeles Times)

They're left to wonder what might have been (Los Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service)

Camas-born rock 'n' roller contented with his new life (Portland Oregonian)

What a career! John Paciorek was perfect (Seattle Times)

Local resident, father of Tommy Hutton, dies (South Pasadena Review)

Keeper of the Hollywood sign (Stanford Magazine)

In journalism, byline isn't the bottom line (Portland Tribune)

Simpson, Seinsoth linked by tragedy (Baseball America)

Artist's roots extend deep into state history (Oklahoma State Oklahoman)
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